Cochabamba, Bolivia Temple

Cochabamba, Bolivia Temple

Monday, November 16, 2015


I think we're getting stuck in a rut; here we are, waiting to write and read emails Monday morning, just like every other week. While I'm not one to complain about reading, many times I don't have a clue what to write. It really makes an impact what we learned in Church yesterday, about how Paul took about 6months to write his letters to the saints. Interesting how those worked out. (Don't worry, I'm not going to take just quite 6months to write a letter, but something to think about)
I think that, as a whole, this past week went better for us than the last one, for several reasons. First and foremost, it didn't rain on us at all during our proselyting time (it did rain in Montero, however; more on that later). We also had more success in visiting and getting to know less active members, and even some new investigators. The members here have continued to help us a lot, and have gone visiting with a wide variety of different people.
Monday went pretty well visiting in the evening. We had a FHE with a flia (family) where we were treated with a home-made Bolivian style pizza. For those interested, a bolivian style pizza doesn't have very much sauce, and is loaded with corn hot dogs on top. Tuesday would have been an easy day, especially since we were informed that the zone was going to have intereviews with President Zambrano, starting at 10am. Since Montero is a little far from the city Santa Cruz, and (so I've been told) past interviews have been done in Montero, we assumed that they would be here this week. As such, we informed the zone of their scheduled interviews and told them to be ready at the appointed times. However, when we got a call at 10:30 from the sister missionaries asking why no one was in the chapel, we also started to worry a bit. Upon calling the asistentes and checking why, we were told that they were to be done in Santa Cruz. Woops. After a small process, we were told that the scheduled interviews were cancelled until further notice.
Aside from the interesting morning, the rest of Tuesday went pretty well, visiting and sharing the gospel with the sun smiling upon us. Wednesday we did have to go to Santa Cruz, but for a different reason. As such, we only had a little time in the morning to visit a less active Hna after the receint loss of her husband before running down south. As we were returning, the rain struck Montero and the road between the two cities. It rained pretty hard on the road, probably for about 10min, and when we got to Montero we found the city wet. Luckily the sun quickly came out and dried up all the rain, so the itsy-bitsy Elders could walk around normally the next day.
Thursday and Friday we had our normal District Meeting and Weekly planning seasons as normal, and spent the days in relative peace sharing the Gospel of Christ. For the first time in our time here, we managed to visit with the bishop and see how we could help out the ward more effectively. Saturday also looked to be a normal, promising day, until we went to one of our pre-set appointments. We supposed it was a new flia de investigators, (family of investigators) but the member that joined us said they were members. When we entered and got comfortable, there was a knock at the door; a preachor from another church. As it turns out, the hna who was member of the Church decided to join another one (Adventista if you're wondering) and set up the appointment to basically Bible Bash with us. It was an interesting experience, and it saddens me when people close their hearts to the Spirit.
Sunday we kept pushing on, this time taking some scenic routes to enjoy the plant life in our area. We also heard of a small pueplito (village) that is supposedly part of the ward boundry, so you can probably imagine what I want to do in this next week. If we make it out - and back - safely, expect some photos.
With amor,
Elder Yates
it seems that, when we went to do inspections, a missionary had his camera ready and snapped this when I tried out his weight.

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