Cochabamba, Bolivia Temple

Cochabamba, Bolivia Temple

Monday, November 23, 2015


This week went by pretty quickly and calmly, in the sense that we didn't have a giant mixup in communications. It also cooled down a lot in the middle of the week, with some heavy rain and thunder storms in the nights. Luckily the rain stayed in the night hours so we didn't have to trudge along in the rain at all.
In interesting news, we were traveling around Monday in motos when, after leaving my moto, the driver called us to talk a little. It turns out that he only wanted to contend a bit with us. However, in stead of trying to convert us with different doctrine, he started telling us about the things that we actually believe, such as the importance of Jesus Christ. When we told him that we believe in the things he was saying, he gave us a weird look before running off. Very strange some of the people we meet.
On Tuesday we had to go to the city of Santa Cruz for a multizone conference.

It was us and 2 other zones, and we learned a lot. This conference was a little different in that a lot of the time was spent doing practices instead of listening to and participating in classes. As a side note in the conference, I found myself with 5 of the original 7 of us missionaries that were together in the CCM of Mexico. (Also the last 5 of us remaining, 2 already have returned home) After the conference we headed back up to Montero to continue working. The best news is that we found a member of the Church to help us transport all 19 of us in one go, making the transition relatively easy.
Wednesday passed along without much excitement, filled with walking around and visiting people in the day. Thursday we had our district meeting in the morning. As we were visiting in the afternoon, we get a call from one of the Elders in the zone asking E' Solano for the address of a convert in his old area. Then, the Elder passes his phone to President Zambrano, who starts talking to E' Solano. It appears that the President decided to visit with another companionship de sorpresa. (by surprise) There we learned that the next day would be our interviews, this time specifying that they would be here in Montero. We then continued on, even having a ward activity at night about acting out Book of Mormon stories. I have pictures to share, and should arrive one day.
It was Thursday night and Friday early morning when the rain fell hard. Luckily the President made it out here to Montero safely so the zone could have its interviews. After the interviews, we all returned to work. The rest of the week passed by without much worthy of note, just visiting and finding people. One day, as we were looking for a house of a less active family, we passed by a man reading the Bible. While not altogether something of note, it was interesting that it was the Bible published by the Church, so we stopped to talk a bit with him. Another day we went out to the extreme of the area to visit, and were out there until late. It seems like we managed to grab the last trufi (public transport) back to the city, so we didn't get to have too grand an adventure that day.
We still havn't made it out to the pueblito (village) like I wanted to, since it's pretty far, but we noticed a sign this week advertising a museo (museum) of some kind out there, so the desire is still strong. One day we'll go.
Con love,
Elder Yates

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