Cochabamba, Bolivia Temple

Cochabamba, Bolivia Temple

Monday, November 30, 2015

Día de acción de gracias

¡Feliz día de acción de gracias! (Much more simple in English, ¿no?) For our Thanksgiving day here in Bolivia, we didn't do anything. Honestly, I didn't even remember until Saturday, and only because we passed by a store with its 'Viernes Negro' sales. How strange that the Bolivians don't have Thanksgiving, but do have Black Friday. Not entire sure what to think about that.

This week was the very last full week in the mission field my companion, E' Solano, had. This new week he will be heading home, and newbies will be coming to replace him. It's like the circle of life. As such, I already know for certain that I'll be receiving a new companion this cambio, (transfer) but I havn't a clue who it'll be. Fun times. As part of his last week, we had a fun little NDH (FHE) with a family where they treated us to what they called, la negra. (the black) Supposedly its true name is morcilla, and is basically a cooked intestine filled with blood. It was actually pretty tastey, but my companion claims that its much better fried.
We had a little intercambio (exchange) Tuesday, where I went to go with an Elder in a ward called Guabirá. It was an interesting day, where we had many people to visit with the help of a ward member. The member that acompanied us is a little strange, always making strange references to scriptures. I made sure to humble him a little, and started to talk about other things. We talked a lot, the other Elder and I, about how to improve as missionaries, and had a pretty good day.
While I was away, E' Solano got an interesting call telling us that we would recieve 2 new Elders to restart missionary work in one of the wards. As such, Wednesday we headed down to SC to pick them up, It turns out that one of the Elders is E' Moreno, one of the Elders that I trained. Unfortunately, they had to return from Beni because his companion had a little health problem, so they had to check out a few things in some clínicas. (clinics) As such, we just returned when we realized it was getting too late for us to stay in SC. In our way out, we took a ride with a very interesting taxi driver. We were talking normally for a while, until we suddenly burst out yelling '¡BIEN! ¡GLORÍA A DIOS! ¡que bueno!' (GOOD! GLORY TO GOD! HOW GREAT!) and pounding on his stearing wheel. We didn't talk too much after that, and every once in a while he repeated his little chant. A interesting fellow.
Thursday was pretty calm, and the new Elders arrived during the District meetings. We also had another intercambio, this time E' Solano went to a ward called Stadium (yes, in English). I was joined by an Elder that said he is from Italy, but lived much of his life in Utah. An interesting Elder, and a nice guy. On Friday we had to head back down to SC to try and get a few problems fixed up. We ran back after so we could visit a bit in the evening.
Saturday morning was pretty normal, but then E' Solano started to have some problems with his stomach, so we had to take things a little easy. It also decided to suddenly start raining, and didn't let up until Sunday afternoon. It also got really chilly, giving us a small break from the sun. Luckily the sun should come back soon, and will be moving us along in the streets, nice and dry.
With love,
Elder Yates

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