Cochabamba, Bolivia Temple

Cochabamba, Bolivia Temple

Monday, November 2, 2015


The month of November has arrived once again, and another Halloween passed by in the mission. We saw 4 or 5 kids this time, walking around and asking for candy in the many street stores that dot our area. However, more common seems to be the observance of the Día de los Muertos, (Day of the Dead) as many people mentioned such. A few seemed quite surprised when I commented that we don't (generally speaking) have such a day in the US, insteading opting for the demonic day of asking for free sweets. Oh well, different cultures.
This week went a lot better us in the sence that we didn't have to take as many trips back and forth from the city, leaving us with plenty of time to get to know the new area. The ward of Floresta is pretty big, and it seems the majority of the members are located at the two extremes of the ward. Which leads to another interesting point; about half the area is pretty well off with paved roads and nice houses while the other half is out in the middle of nowhere. And, since we're the only missionaries the ward, we get to travel back and forth.
The majority of the week was nice and sunny, but for whatever reason it seems like the Sur decided to come, and has been rainy and overcast since Friday night. While the rain hasn't had too much of an effect on half the area, it has converted the other half into muddy streets, making for very interesting travel. Luckily we havn't quite landed face first, but we'll see if such luck holds out.
As I said before, this cambio (transfer) both E' Solano and I are new in the ward, leaving us both almost lost. Luckily the members here are super nice, and have helped us out a whole bunch, to the point that we now know where the vast majority of people live and we no longer get lost. We are, however, still walking with a small map to help out just in case. We had a small excursion Wednesday to the city to do I don't remember what exactly, but it was relatively quick and painless.
Not really sure what else to write, as we've been busy in the endevor of opening an area and seeking out people to visit. As part of this task, we walked a whole bunch through sun, rain, dirt, mud, and snow (well, probably not that last one). We have been blessed with a lot of success, and the following week should be filled to overflowing with such people to visit. I did make sure to take some photos, which will be following this letter, I promise.
Con Amor,
Elder Yates
**Promised Pictures**
Me with a duck that we hunted down and caught in the front yard of our pensionista in El Dorado 
The cathedral that we went to visit while still in the City of Gold
Me in the torito of a member in El Dorado
  My new companion, E' Solano, posing in part of our area in Floresta
Another part of Floresta


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