Cochabamba, Bolivia Temple

Cochabamba, Bolivia Temple

Monday, October 20, 2014

Bolivia W1

Well, la primera semana de mí obra misional es terminado (the first week of my mission work is finished). It's been interesante (interesting), with the orientation and adjusting to the vida nueva (new life), so I'll compartir que puedo (share what I can).

The majority of esta semana (this week) was used para caminando (for walking). Mucho caminando (lots of walking). Mí casa tiene 6 misionarios (My house has 6 missionaries), all of which are in el barrio Los Pinos (the Los Pinos ward). Entonces, Elder Rios y yo tenemos gue caminar por 30min just to llegar in nuestro área (Then, Elder Rios and I had to walk for 30min just to reach our new area). On the plus side, sólo about medio of the calles (only about half of the streets) are dirt. Also the casas (houses) are decently spread apart, and the miembros (members) are dispersed well. Mis pies me duelen un poco, pero (my feet hurt a little, but) I'll live.
We didn't really have much luck meeting with menos activos until domingo (less actives until Sunday) , but we did well on domingo (Sunday). Oh, y Iglesia (church) was pretty divertido (fun) being all en español (in Spanish). There was some primary thing, but I think I tuned it out and leí las escrituras (read the scriptures) instead. Since the previous semana (previous week) didn't have anyone working in Los Pinos we didn't have any citas (appointments), so we tried our suerte con tomando puertas and referencias (luck with taking, he meant knocking doors and referrals). It was decently effective I think, but not something I want to rely on.
Enseñamos some lecciones (we taught some lessons) to some people con weird creencias (with weird beliefs) and the like already. Una persona (one person) would only answer preguntas con "Dios sabe" y nada (questions with "God knows" and nothing) else. Another insisted que Dios (that God) couldn't exist porque (because) people arn't perfectos aquí en la tierra (perfect here on the earth). Not to mention the mumbling and accents they speak with. This is going to be a divertido dos años (fun 2 years).
I will send pictures today, no se preocupe (don't worry).
Elder Yates
**the following are the pictures he sent in a separate email**
The first 2 are of the hotel room Elder Yates stayed in when he first arrived in Bolivia

The next 5 are of a party the missionaries had on election day
celebrating one of the Elder's birthday

The last 2 are of his current house and his beautiful dresser


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