Cochabamba, Bolivia Temple

Cochabamba, Bolivia Temple

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Election Weekend

I'm back with another quick email, since Monday is the P-day in Bolivia I get to write again. Yay! Not that I really have much to talk about, since only a day and a half has passed, so it'll be shorter this time.

Sunday was Bolivian Election Day, so we couldn't go out because of some law about no religious gatherings or something. Instead, we spent the day locked up in a house - it did have AC though, which was nice. (My new place doesnt =/) It was also an Elder's birthday (the same Elder Mom skyped actually) so we celebrated that. We had a huge lunch of steak, chicken, mashed potatoes, and Bolivian style rice. Everything was super amazing - I even enjoyed the potatoes. It took forever to light the charcoal for the grill though, since we didn't have any lighter fluid, but a bunch of young men will make a fire eventually.

Not much has happened since; Elder Rios and I moved into our new casa and spent the morning unpackind. As of right now, we have a bed, a dresser, and a chair each. As we were unpacking we borrowed a fan, and someone was working on hooking water to our bathroom (he did finish, yay toilets!). Everything else, we need to get since it's a brand new house. On the plus side, we already have 3 appointments for tonight, one of which is a progressing investigator. The work starts tonight!

Elder Yates

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