Cochabamba, Bolivia Temple

Cochabamba, Bolivia Temple

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Week Five

Almost done and out of the CCM! Got my flight plans this week, so the end is finally in sight. My first plane takes off at 10:17 in the morning of Monday (think I have to be ready to leave the CCM at like 5:30 though) from Cuidad de Mexico (Mexico City) to Panama City; a flight of just under 4 hours I think. The second plane will take me straight from Panama City to Santa Cruz; a flight of only 5 hours, more or less. If I remember correctly, we should land right around 11 at night in Bolivia, and then the real work begins!

Other than flight plans, this week has been kind of boring. We got a nuevo maestro (new teacher) since the old one fue a (went to) BYU for schooling. I guess not the escuela peor (worst school), but he could have done better. We have been doing a lot of studying and preparación for el campo (preparing for the field)  since it's almost time to comenzar (begin). Practiced some of the more lecciones 'divertidos' ("fun" lessons) like castidad (chastity) and palabra de sabiduría (Word of Wisdom), which was interesante (interesting).

Listened to some pretty sweet discursos de Elder Bednar sábado y martes (talks from Elder Bednar Saturday and Tuesday) about converting to the character of Christ and how to learn from profetas modernos (modern prophets). His method is pretty nice; escuchar por Doctrinas (listen to the Doctine), Invitaciones, y Bendiciones (Invitations and Blessings). Will probably try it out, since un apóstol (an apostle) recommended it.

Got my hair cut hoy (today), no pictures of the new dew at the moment though, so ya'll will just have to imagine mi pelo (my hair) shorter. Some of the other elders complained about how the barbers were rough, but I think they be cray. Got some other pictures though, from just before the massacre, so it should be fine. It'll take a while to send them (darned size limit) so bare with me. Will also try forwarding some emails from an Hermana in the distrito (Sister in the district) that took some pretty nice fotos.

Once again, the mail box has been dry. Either everyone's parents lied to us and didn't send any cortas, (shorts, but he probably meant cartas, which means letters) the gobernado de Mexico (government of Mexico) might not like us. Not sure which one is more accurate.

Lo siento (I'm sorry), pero this semana (but this week) has been kind of stuck in a rut. Still no emails from Ryan, but I got an amazing gato (cat) from Robbie. Maybe he likes me more. Christina definitaly likes me though. Since this email was shorter, I have a little more time for responding to personal emails, yay!

Elder Yates

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