Cochabamba, Bolivia Temple

Cochabamba, Bolivia Temple

Sunday, October 5, 2014


I know today isn't my P-day, but I'm not breaking any rules I promise, maybe. I was told since I leave early in the Morning Monday, I could take a quick break to email home. So, I am sending this quick email home at the end of General Conference.

I hope Conferencia General was as spiritual an experience for you guys at home at it was for me. I specifically loved Tod Callister's talk and David A Bednar's. I was surprised to hear that talks were to be given in native tongues, which was also really cool. Unfortunately, we here at the CCM were not able to hear the Spanish talks since the translation covered them up. I was kind of disappointed because I didn't get to test my level of Spanish, especially regarding Gospel topics, but also glad that I could get the full message of the discursos. Hopefully in six months I can get both.

My excitement to get out into the mission field is all-encompassing at this moment. Yes I'm nervous about the language, and about talking with people, and with the extreme amount of work needed, but I know that with the help of the Lord  and His promised blessings, I will be alright. Kind of hoping my first area is in the jungle, but I won't be too picky.

Yes, I'm all packed and ready to go. Everything still fits well, and comfortably under the maximum weight too. Got my boarding pass all printed and ready to go, so all I have left to do is just wait for another 12 hours before leaving the CCM for the airport. Unfortunately, no other mail has arrived for me since Dad's physical copy of the email he sent. They will come though, and they will somehow get to me in Bolivia. I hope.

Got one last picture of me in the CCM - it consists of some people from our zone with my district. With all the busy work and meetings entailed here, we couldn't get everyone together. The previous whole zone pictures were taking right after Sacrament meeting so everyone was together anyway. I think one of you two will receive something related to the CCM goodbye video, but maybe not. Don't quote me on that.

Elder Yates


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