Cochabamba, Bolivia Temple

Cochabamba, Bolivia Temple

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Mail (Saturday, October 11)

Hey everyone! I made it safely down to Bolivia. The flights were long, but I survived. My little group of 7 people received another 14 people, so there are 21 new missionaries in the Bolivia Santa Cruz Norte Mission. Just jueves (Thursday) we learned our assigned areas of work. The mission secretaries were surprised since 11 of the nuevos (greenies) were being sent out of the city. Unfortunately (or fortunately) I get to work in the cuidad (city) first. The mission area is called Los Pinos and is on the very edge of the cuidad (city). My trainer is Elder Rios.
Normally, I'm told, P-day is lunes, (Monday) but we're writing today since this semana (week) was kind of crazy for those assigned to the office. I will also write on lunes (Monday) though, so be ready for that amazing email aswell. I havn't really done much this week, just kind of waiting around and reading the scriptures and Jesus the Christ. I'm told there is a blog for the mission, which has pictures, at I'll get my pictures to ya'll lunes, (Monday) maybe.
The driving here is absurd; Mexico City looks pretty well compared to here. I'm fairly certain the only rule of the road is Don't Crash. The stop signs are practicly ignored, the 2way streets don't even have lines, people pass like crazy, and I've even seen multiple cars make u-turns over islands to avoid intersections. So glad I don't have to do any driving.
The food here has been amazing. We've had pizza a few times for dinner, and it's always been the same: Hawaiian and BBQ Chicken. The BBQ gets really salty and soggy here, but the Hawaiian is pretty good - they even put peaches on it. I would highly recommend it. Also learned some interesting things regarding off-limit foods: no lettuce, cabbage, strawberries, watermelon, or other fruits that grow on the ground like the previously mentioned. Oh, and no pig of any kind. On the other hand, apparently the only meal we have to make for ourselves is desayuno (breakfast); miembros (members) are payed to provide for us.
This letter is kind of short since not much has really happened. If I remember anything else I'll include it on lunes. (Monday) If not, I'll take more time answering emails. I have no idea what time I'll start, but it'll be for an hour. Oh, one more thing: Bolivian Elections are Sunday, so all missionaries will be locked up in their casas (houses) for the day. Woohoo! more time to sit around and read. Then lunes (Monday) is another P-day. So, hopefully I start the work noche de lunes. (Monday night) It's almost time to get to work!
Elder Yates 

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