Cochabamba, Bolivia Temple

Cochabamba, Bolivia Temple

Monday, December 15, 2014

Mail time (December 15)

This week was kind of slow in the beginning, but the end of the week was pretty interesting...
So last Monday we went and played football (soccer) with another zone, which was pretty interesting. However, it seems like there is never sufficient time on Monday to do everything I would like to do. I feel like this feeling will persist a little in my life in general, however, so I try not to worry too much.
As a mark of great joy, I received two wonderful packages from my family for the Christmas season, which I opened promptly so find many decorations, treats, and presents. After decorating, I made sure to take pictures to send home, and then forgot to bring my camera. Welp, some things never change. It's very festive however, so take my word for it. As for the presents, I'll probably try to wait until Christmas to open them, unless my family suggests otherwise of I get exceptionally anxious. Who knows.
So on Friday (or Saturday, everything's a blur) we went searching for a referencia and a antiguo investigador. (referral and an old investigator) Unfortunately, we didn't find either. However - and this is interesting - we did find a family that is super menos activo (less active) with many members, the grandparents having 8 living children. We also found a new investigador that is very receptive; the Spirit was very strong when he prayed at the end (on the side note, when we asked when we could return his inicial response was 10/1, so we talked a little more).
Ok, so I'm not the greatest at remembering day to day experiences and feelings to express them later, sue me. However, first it's story time.
So yesterday our best investigadora (the one getting baptized 3/1) didn't make it to Church at all. And, being the loving and caring people we are, we stopped by in the afternoon to make sure everything was alright. We found her, her family, and her sister/friend/someone locked in her house because all three of her gates had been locked and she was unable to find the key for any of the three locks. So, we had the oportunity to break a lock and, essencially, into her house. It was pretty funny because of the weird looks we got from passerby's as we were hammering away at a locked gate. Us Mormónes will share the Gospel at any cost it seems.
Elder Yates

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