Cochabamba, Bolivia Temple

Cochabamba, Bolivia Temple

Monday, December 29, 2014

Christmas pictures

Elder Yates sent a separate email of several pictures. Once again he forgot to label them, but based on the conversation we were able to have over Christmas, I'm pretty sure I can label them all pretty accurately:

 Christmas and birthday packages from home!
Note the pictures of Mary and Jesus on the boxes? Neither package was opened or delayed - we think the picture is the reason why.

 His desk all decorated for the holidays with treats and decorations from home.

 We asked about public transportation, so he included a picture of the "Micros" or buses. This one doesn't look very crowded at the moment, but he says they usually are far more crowded and everyone always thinks there's room on the micro, regardless of how crowded it currently is...

 A local Nativity

 Several Elders in front of the Nativity

 Christmas lights

 A pretty Christmas tree he found. I wonder if he noticed all the alcohol bottles underneath it :D (he probably did, which might be why he took the picture)

 Elder Yates and his companion Elder Guzman

 Elder Yates and his companion from the MTC, Elder Gunderson

 Another decoration in their casa

 The Elders starting a fire in their BBQ for their Christmas Eve feast

 Some of that BBQ feast...

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