Cochabamba, Bolivia Temple

Cochabamba, Bolivia Temple

Friday, December 26, 2014

The rain has begun (Monday, December 22)

Well, I'd like to take this oportunity to say that it began raining this past Wednesday. It's been kind of strong and then weak, but it has not stopped yet. As of now, the streets are rivers, the roads are mud, the canals are practically overflowing, and everything is wet. It was literally impossible to leave our house without wading through water, so we mad make-shift boots with plastic bags. Unfortunately, one of my bags ripped a little so my shoe is a bit wet, but whatever. A little bit of water isn't going to stop me. Yet...
Anyway, this week had several exciting points and a few not so exciting points. What is important is that I'm alive, right?
So we had several days this week completely pre-planned with future appointments. Unfortunately, Practically all of them failed. The failed to such a degree that Friday we did literally nothing but walk all day. Man I love how people say they're going to do something and then not do it. In the defence of one person, he was at his house at the 'scheduled' time, but he was also getting drunk with his friends. We decided to pass by this time.
Sunday night was super special, as all the missionaries in Santa Cruz gathered in a plaza and we sang for an hour and a half. We were also iluminatd with a bunch of lights and greeted with tons of people. What was even more fun was trying to return home on time, because we had never heard of this plaza before and the person we traveled with to reach the plaza dissapeared. Heh heh, good times.
One of the gifts sent to me was badly ripped open, and I could tell it was cookie dough. While I am extremely grateful to have some tastey treats, we have a small problem: we don't have an oven. So, I'm not entirely sure how or if we can bake them...
So last week we had the pleasure of breaking into a house. This week we were lucky enough to break out of a house. What happened is we stopped by to visit a menos active (less active), and, upon letting us in his gate, locked the gate. Imediately after locking it, he exclaimed he doesn't have a key to unlock it since the rest of his family left to do something or other without him. So, we had two options; wait until almost 11 pm for his family to arrive (and most likely be killed by lightning/our zone leaders/the Mission president) or hop the fence. Not surprisingly we decided to hop the fence. Not as easy as it sounds because the fences here are crazy and barbed. Man the missionary life is the best.
Elder Yates

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