Cochabamba, Bolivia Temple

Cochabamba, Bolivia Temple

Monday, August 15, 2016


One week more has passed, and a little bit closer to the end. It
doesn't really seem real that the end is so close, but it does help to
not think too much about it. It seems like it always helps to not
think. Although it's not always possible to avoid thinking...

Don't know if remembering the past week helps the time slow or not,
but the writing the letter sure does. does. Maybe because I realize
that we didn't really do anything during the week. For example, our
Monday activity was gather together as a zone and play games in the
chapel. And then we went home to wash clothes (a lot slower by hand)
and clean the house. Not the most exciting of days. We did find out a
little about our friend that was arrested: looks like it was just a
little misunderstanding and everything was resolved.

Tuesday was also pretty boring. All we did was walk around and talk
with people. One of our visits was a little interesting as the father
and the son started to fight during the lesson. We didn't really know
what to do, so we kind of just waited the situation out and tried
talking it out. A new experience I'd say (but not one to repeat...).

For our Wednesday morning, we got invited to do some service. We went
with the idea that we would help contruct a house out of wood planks,
but when we arrived they told us that the materials needed never
arrived. So we helped leveling out their dirt floor instead. However,
the dirt we were trying to use was really hard, so we wound up
breaking and/or bending some of their tools. Woops...

We got an interesting little call Thursday morning telling us that we
had a little change of plans with regards of the missionary meetings.
Normally, the zone meetings are held Thursday so the weekly planning
can be done Friday, but we were told that they would be switched
around this week. Not sure why, but Thursday we planned and Friday we
had our missionary meeting. Strange, but nothing to stop the work. We
had an average day and then went to the chapel in the evening to have
our activity night.

A little different this week, the new Elder of the house knows some
magic tricks. So we enjoyed a little performance as well. This
magician is a good one, as he teaches us the tricks in the house. So I
might return with a new little skill. Maybe. At least it gives us
something to do in the house in our extra time.

Friday we had a normal day, except for the change of missionary
meeting schedules. We walked around and visited some people. Oddly
enough, when we returned to the family that started a fight in the
middle of the lesson, the son left as we got to the house. Hopefully
something works out and helps the family. Then it was Saturday morning
before we knew it, and we went out to play futbol again. Maybe one day
we can find something else to play Saturday morning (if the Latinos
let us change).

As we walked around proselyting during Saturday, we wandered into the
house of a less active member. When we got there, he called together
the entire house to listen to the lesson and repeatedly promised his
attendance and that of his household to church (nno one arrived..) and
we had an interesting visit as the house had several different members
from different churches. Better than a boring visit where the people
don't talk I guess.

Sunday we got invited to eat lunch in the area of the other Elders, so
we had to wander a little to find the house. Luckily the intercambios
helped recognize the area a bit. Then we had to do some baptismal
enterviews, so this Saturday we will have baptisms in the ward. Woo!
just in time for the ward conference. Excited for this week.

With love,
Elder Yates

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