Cochabamba, Bolivia Temple

Cochabamba, Bolivia Temple

Monday, August 29, 2016

¿104 Letters?

Well, if I'm not mistaken, I think this is the 104th letter that I
have written in the mission. I didn't count, I just assume it is asi
because 2 years have officially passed since I left home. Crazy to
think about how much time has passed, but it has passed so quickly.
But very soon this shall all come to an end...

To not continue the trunky, this week we had a very interesting time.
This is because our mission president, Presidente Cabezas, came out to
Trinidad. As such, we were told to use Monday to clean the entire
house. Again, super easy due to the size of our house and spent the
rest of the day trying to kill time in a productive way. Another easy
thing to do as a missionary, because there is always something to do.

Even though we knew that Pdte Cabezas was going to arrive, we didn't
know what day. So Tuesday we had an intercambio; I went to work with
one of the ZL in their area. During the day, we constantly recieved
calls from the mission office to check up on certain things, and I
remembered the time when I was a ZL. Glad that time is in the past.
Anyway, it was an interesting mix of proselyting and planning for our
intercambio, and we learned that Pdte was to arrive Wednesday morning.

Since the ZLs had to do more things Wednesday morning, we had to end
the intercambio early in the morning. We also expected to have
enterviews Wednesday afternoon. Unfortunately, their plane got
postponed for a very long time, and we suddenly had a lot of extra
time. We found something to do until we were called to have the
enterviews in the evening, and stayed there until our day ended.

We also expected the conference Thursday morning, but it was also
postponed until Friday. There was a special little meeting for mission
leaders, so we went to that in the morning. And then we had to do our
weekly planning in the afternoon. So our Thursday was really short,
what with the Activity Night we had as well.

Finally the time for the conference arrived. The conference was all
about the Book of Mormon, and we were together the entire morning. For
lunch we all went to eat at the same steakhouse as the last time. If
it were possible, I ate even more this time than the last time. Yum
yum. And then we returned to have even more time in the conference,
which lasted the entire afternoon as well. As such, we only had the
evening to proselyte, but it was a very good conference.

For the first time in a very long time, we didn't play futbol Saturday
morning (maybe because we played Friday morning). Instead, we played
some weird combination of football (American) and Ultimate Frisbee.
The gringos did pretty well, but the Latinos struggled with the
concept of throwing and recieving an American football. The rest of
the day passed by without incident.

We woke up Sunday morning to a cloudy sky and slightly reduced
temperature. We assumed that it wasn't going to rain and left
normally. And the morning went by normally as well, but the afternoon
didn't. As we were finishing lunch, it started to pour for a solid
hour. And then it kept drizzling on and off during the rest of the
day. Unfortunately, with our afternoon Church schedule, it gave an
excuse for almost the entire ward to stay home. We really felt it as
we had an attendance of less that 30 people, and us missionaries were
asked to do everything. This must be what it's like to serve in a

And so passed this week. With all the meeting and such, we didn't have
a lot of time to visit, so it was boring on that end. Also, as this
104th letter comes to a close, I also think that the subscription to
my thoughts ends as well. But we'll see how things go this next week.

Con amor,
Elder Yates

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