Cochabamba, Bolivia Temple

Cochabamba, Bolivia Temple

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

¡Agosto!‏ ‏

And so begins the month of August. If I hadn't extended my mission, I
would be going home with the others that arrived with me in a few
days. How crazy to think about that, but it looks like I'm the last
survivor. I win. That also means that this week is cambios, so I'll
quickly find out where I will be ending, and with who. But ya'll will
have to wait a whole week more to find out. Heh heh.

The good news is that this week had some very memorable moments. For
example, in the first time in who knows how long (some 6months I
think) we played futbol on a Monday. We had established beforehand
that, with the games on Saturday, Monday would be reserved for
something else. But that idea got chucked and we played futbol anyway.
Yay for running around in the sun? We made sure to take things easier
the rest of the day, and went out to eat some schawarma in the
evening. Who would have thunk that I would have to go to South America
to try some Arabic food? (Schawarma is Arabic, ¿no?)

We also had quite the adventure on Tuesday. As we passed by the house
of a member, we stopped to greet the family. As we talked, I noticed a
small pot hanging over a fire. I asked what was cooking, and was told
that it was cow eye and nose. Then came the immediate offer, "want to
try it?" How could I say no to such an offer? After tasting cow eye, I
must say that it is quite tastey, and would recomend it. Will send
picture as evidence, if anyone really wants to see it.
The famous cooked cow eye.
Only the meat surrounding the black sphere is eaten, and with plenty of salt.
After that big adventure, we had a normal day. Wednesday we had
another little intercambio to see how things were going in the other
half of the ward. I went out to the other area, and we had a pretty
decent day. I think that E' Abrego had a better day, but since we're
all in the same work, it doesn't really matter. And the sun shines
down on all of us.

After our last District meeting of this cambio, some birthday cakes
(July was full of birthdays; a common month to be born it seems), and
an average day of proselyting, it was time for the weekky Activity
Night. This week we had a whole bunch of people show up. I think if
this trend continues, we might have more people arriving to our
activities than people getting to Church.

Our Friday and Saturday were pretty normal, without anything really
happening. We had our last weekly planning sesson and the last
Saturday futbol game of this cambio, but that's just about it. We've
done a good amount of walking and contacting because of different
reasons, but that doesn't bother me, as it's always an adventure. For
example, one person we found told us that he was contemplating
starting his own little church, and wanted to know if we would be
willing to teach a bit. Tempting offer, but not sure if we'll accept
just yet.

That just about wraps it up for the week. If I get transfered from
Mangalitos, I'll miss it here (except maybe for the afternoon church),
but we'll just have to wait and see. Maybe I'll share the details next
week, but we'll wait and see.

Con love,
Elder Yates
Working hard (or hardly working?)

Some bananas used to make masaco. They are pealed green, fried, and smashed.

 The process of making said masaco. The bowl thing is called tacú.

Working hard for the future (not trunky at all...)
Book is titled: My Search for Employment

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