Cochabamba, Bolivia Temple

Cochabamba, Bolivia Temple

Monday, August 8, 2016

¿Nuevo Cambio?‏

In this week we learned about the cambios in the mission. So now I know where I will (probaby) end and with whom. It might be a little surprise, but we'll see a little further on. Also, all the people that got here with me are now home. So I am the lone survivor. I think that means I win. That also means that I have to write 4 more letters after this one. Yay?

Because it was cambios this week, the LZ didn't want us to have an activity together. Instead, they expected us to clean the house up well. Well, that's what we did. How exciting. Since our house is so small, we cleaned up quickly and tried to keep uorselves busy until it was time to walk the streets in the evening.

To start our day off on Tuesday, we went to do some service with a family. We helped moved some dirt around and then pound it down to make a very beautiful, dirt floor. After our efforts, we got invited to eat some fish. And boy did we make sure to eat a lot of fish. Since Trinidad is surrounded by rivers and lakes and other bodies of water, the fish abound here. The rest of the day we walked around with bellies full and hearts happy.

Wednesday was a pretty normal day, as we found many people to visit and chat with. The one little news of excitement was when we learned about the cambios. Of the 4 of us Elders in our house, one had cambios back to Santa Cruz. This person was neither my companion nor me. It would appear that these 2 trunky missionaries will be together to the end. I only wonder what will happen to the area after we leave...

When we got to the missionary meetings Thursday morning, we learned the cambios of the entire zone. Not that there were very many; maybe the new president is testing how things go. After our time visiting in the afternoon, we headed down to have our weekly activity night. We expected a good turn out, but the assistance died down a bit. Maybe we won't surpass the sacrament meeting just yet.

Again this Friday we had a decent day. After the ever-so-fun task of weekly planning, we set out to the streets to see who we could find. We also tried getting the help of some members, and were met with mild success. Nothing like some good ol' waiting to increase patience. Luckily Saturday we had better success with less waiting (we achieved suficient pacience?). Obviously we started Saturday with a game of futbol. What will I do when I get home and have no one to play with? (Maybe sleep in a little more.)

Also of note, Saturday (6 de agosto) was Bolivia's Independence Day. However, it doesn't seem to be as important as the 4th of July, as the other difference as that some houses had a Bolivian flag out front. Everyone still worked and stuff. Strange.

Speaking of strange, we had a strange experience Sunday morning. We went to visit a family we talked with earlier in the week, but when we got to their house they wern't home. When we asked where they were, we were told that the police came by and carried them off to jail in the early morning. Well, nothing we could do. Later in the day, it started to rain on us as we visited another family, and then in the night after church. This was the first rain in who knows how long. Let's see how long it stays...

With love,
Elder Yates
(34 days...)

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