Cochabamba, Bolivia Temple

Cochabamba, Bolivia Temple

Monday, August 22, 2016


Here we are again at the beginning (or end?) of a new week. This week
passed by without any major incident, so let's see just how much of a
letter this gets to be. First, after writing the last letter, we went
to play some volleyball as a zone. It was really hot Monday (as well
as the rest of the week) but we still managed to enjoy ourselves. At
least the heat made washing clothes by hand a bit more desirable.

Before we could proselyte Tuesday, we were asked to give a baptismal
enterview for an investigator. But, when we went to the chapel, the
investigator didn't show up. So it got postponed. We had to be in the
chapel for a meeting anyway, so it didn't really effect us; we just
got there earlier than the others. Then we could go proselyting. In
the evening, one of our investigators accepted a baptismal date for
the first week of September. Yay!

Since the enterview Tuesday didn't work out, we tried Wednesday. And
we were met with the same luck; again postponed. We didn't have a
meeting this time, so we left a little empty handed. We had a good
time the rest of the day though, so I guess it makes up for it.
Thursday we had to return again to the chapel for the normal
missionary meetings. As if the regular 3 hour church schedule wasn't
sufficient time to be in the chapel... (just kidding.) After
proselyting, we had the Activity Night in the church. Again the
attendence was a bit low, but still have a good time.

As always, we had a boring Friday morning as we struggled through
another weekly planning sesson (almost done...). When we happily
finished, we went to do some visits. We had some good success, and
another pair of investigators accepted a baptismal date for the second
week of September. Yay!

Also as always, we went to play futbol Saturday morning. I might be
learning bit by bit how to play, but I don't know if I'll keep playing
after the mission. Anyway, the other Elders in the ward had baptisms
in the afternoon, and we planned to go support them. Unfortunately,
nos paso la hora, and we didn't make it to the baptism. Woops...

However, Saturday night the ward had a Talent Night, and we were
expected to do something. Since no one else had any ideas, I stepped
up and busted out the good ol' Boy Scouts skits. My Boy Scout leaders
would be so proud. We only did 3 skits for the Talent Night, but I
spent a good amount of time remembering all the skits I've seen or
done. And us Elders had some good laughs. We were the highlight of the
night, I think. We didn't have time to watch many performances, since
it was already pretty late, but I'm sure they wern't as good as ours.

This Sunday was also a special one, as it the Ward Conference of
Mangalito. We had a very large turn out, and had to open the overflow
curtains for the first time. And we finally managed to have the
baptismal enterview done as well, so the Sisters in the district will
be having a baptism this week. Yay! Third time's the charm!. (Tercera
vez vencida, if anyone wanted to know)

After a very hot week, the temperature dropped Sunday morning and it
rained the entire morning. The cold has continued until know, but not
as servere. And it should warm up quickly, so that's fine.

With love,
Elder Yates

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